HIRAO CHIKKA 竹霞 1856-1939







Real name: Kyoshin. The given name: Mikyou. Pen name: Gengen-Koji. Han'unshi. He was born in Sasayama, City of Kyoto, and a son of Hirao Souzaemon (Pen name: Chikkaku) who was the official potter of the domain of Sasayama. He decided to be a painter on his age of 16 and came to Kyoto City to study NANGA painting under Tanomura Jikinyu (Chokunyu). He was a secretary-general of 'The association of Japan NANGA' which was organized in 1897. He took an active part as a leader in painting in Japan. He built Tea ceremony house 'Kohukaku' at Sanjo in Kyoto to make friends with many writers and artists. He died in 1939 at his age of 84. 

This information has been given by Mr. Junsei Yamaguchi of Jikyu-an Zen Art http://www.jikyu-an.com